Managing Women's Health in Menopause

Meet the Faculty

Phil Sarrel, MD (Program Chair)
Yale University

Avrum Bluming, MD


Alberto Dominguez-Bali, MD
Miami Center for OB/GYN and Human Sexuality

Henry Hess, MD
University of Rochester


Heather Hirsch, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Howard Hodis, MD
Keck School of Medicine USC


Andrew Kaunitz, MD
University of Florida College of Medicine

Pauline Maki, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago


Stephanie McClellan, MD
Hoag Hospital

Mary Jane Minkin, MD
Yale University


Lila Nachtigall, MD
NYU Langone Health

Richard Nachtigall, MD
NYU Langone Health


Peter Schnatz, DO, FACOG, FACP, NCMP
The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

Mache Seibel, MD
Harvard Medical School


James Simon, MD
George Washington University

Margarie Taylor, RNC
Grand Rapids MI


Holly Thacker, MD
Cleveland Clinic