Evolving Approaches for the Management of Vasomotor Symptons


Evaluation Links for CME Credit

Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri, MD    (Menopause as a Risk Factor for Bone Loss): Click here for CME credit
Kristi Tough DeSapri, MD joins us in this CME podcast episode to discuss bone health in midlife women, including fracture risk assessment, what do do with a DXA report, medications and treatments, understanding a woman's risk factors and supplements.
Tara Iyer, MD   (Weight Management in Midlife): Click here for CME credit
Join Tara Iyer, MD and Host Holly Thacker, MD on the Menopause Learning Podcast as they discuss the changes that occur to the body metabolically throughout the menopause transition and what lifestyle modifications are critical to optimize a woman's health at midlife. They also discuss the latest prescription medications and therapies available for weight loss in women at midlife.
Nanette Santoro, MD   (Skylight 2 Findings): Click here for CME credit
Join researcher and clinician, Dr Nanette Santoro as she reviews the findings of the Skylight 2 study on fezolinentant and her expectations of approval of a 45 mg daily oral dose to treat VMS in women.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD (Individualizing Menopausal Management) Click here for CME credit
Join Dr. Mary Jane Minkin as she discusses individualized options for menopausal management, including hormonal and nonhormonal for women, health clinicians and other allied health who want to find the most helpful option for their patients with a particular focus in cancer survivors.
Camille Moreno, DO   (Considerations for Hormone Therapy) Click here for CME credit
Join Dr Camille Moreno as she discusses menopausal symptoms, indications for hormone therapy use, the WHI vilification of HT and updated NAMS guidelines on the use of HT.
Phillip Sarrel, MD  (Why Estrogen Matters) Click here for CME credit
Please join preeminent menopause researcher Dr Phillip Sarrel as he discusses how to Advance Health After Hysterectomy and why estrogen is key to treating symptoms, reducing disease risks and prolonging life in women post hysterectomy.
Sobia Khan, MD (Functional Medicine Approaches to Menopause) Click here for CME credit
Join Functional Medicine and Women’s Health expert Dr. Sobia Khan as she discusses functional medicine approach to hot flashes, insomnia and other midlife maladies.
James Simon, MD (NK3 and NK1 Antagonism in Treatment of Hot Flashes) Click here for CME credit
Join Dr. James Simon he reviews the two neurokinin receptor antagonists being studied for the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in menopausal women.